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Royal Family Kids Camp: Imagination Station

RFKC(NOTE: This is a continuation of a series about my week as a counselor at Royal Family Kids Camp, a camp for foster children, most of whom have been the victim of some kind of abuse. To read what’s gone before, see the links at the bottom of this post.)

After our shopping spree, Wednesday proceeded through the normal camp schedule: activity centers, Kids’ Club, lunch,and an actual quiet time when exhausted campers and counselors napped for a few minutes. Then it was time for swimming.

With my foot wrapped and swollen, I opted out of getting into my swimsuit. Jane had decided she preferred swimming in filtered,

English: Super Soaker CPS 4100 from Hasbro; 20...

English: Super Soaker CPS 4100 from Hasbro; 2005 re-release (not original). Photograph of soaker that I own. Taken 02/14/2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

chlorinated water, so I supervised her at the pool while Judi took our other three to the more adventurous waters of The Pond. I found a chair with some other counselors in a shady corner where I thought I’d be safe from splashing and runoff from the swimmers. In my planning, however, I failed to take into consideration the many toys that were floating in the pool. It wasn’t long before I found myself staring down the barrel of a Super Soaker held by one of the girls from Dorm Room #1. She was on a mission, but at least she was polite about it.


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