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Kids Are Thankful, Too | by Linda Brendle

Thank You God 2Last week at AWANA we did something different during lesson time. Instead of hearing a Bible story, the kids were given a chance to express their gratitude in creative ways.

The older ones – 3rd through 6th grades – were given pens, paper, and scissors and told to finish this sentence: I am thankful for… Here are a few examples. Many are very serious; others, not so much. And you can tell by the last two that we’re in Texas. (more…)

Top Ten Ways to Know Fall Has Arrived in Texas | by Linda Brendle

All of us who live in the South have heard some version of this comment from our friends of a more northern persuasion:

“I couldn’t live down here. I’d miss the change of seasons too much.”

It’s true that we don’t always have the gradual Spring thaw with the first green sprigs peeking timidly through the muddy remnants of the last snow. Instead we go to bed one March night with nothing but bare branches in the yard and wake up with a riot of white blossoms on every pear tree. And we don’t have a month or two to go through a slow transition from long johns to lightweight jackets to summer wear. Instead we go directly from boots and sweaters to shorts and sandals. But we usually get a day or two of beautiful weather when we can open the windows and air out the house before we shut ourselves in for the long, hot summer. (more…)

Victims of the Texas Drought – a Photo Essay | by Linda Brendle

One of the things that attracted us to the 2+ acres we now call home was the abundance of trees. Out of curiosity, David once took an inventory and counted 85. Now we have two less. (more…)

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