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Thank You to My Blog Tour Participants | by Linda Brendle

The tour is over, and we’re back “home” again. I want to take a minute to say one more big thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who posted reviews, interviews, guest posts, and spotlights for A Long and Winding Road: A Caregiver’s Tale of Life, Love, and Chaos. You made the release of my first book a wonderful experiences.

To my readers, thank you for all your support as well. There wouldn’t be much point to writing a book without you. If you missed any of the stops, here is a complete list. Take a minute to visit a few of them and see what some of the early reviewers had to say.

June 17 –  Mormon Mommy Writers – Review

June 18 – The View from a Blank Word Document – Spotlight and Contest

June 19 – Princess of the Light – Interview and Review

June 20 – Confessions of an Ex-Ballerina – Spotlight

June 21 – Pam Thorson – Guest Post – “Caregivers and Heroes”

June 23 – Being Sam – Review

June 24 – Adventures in the Ballpark – Interview

June 25 – Keely Brooke Keith – Guest Post – “Street Teams for Caregivers”

June 25 – Donna L Martin’s ON THE WRITE TRACK – Review

June 26 – Angela Schroeder, Author – Spotlight

June 27 – Kick Start Your Heart – Spotlight

June 28 – Years Full of Grace – Interview

June 30 – Chuck Allen – Spotlight

July 1 – RELEASE DAY! A list of Release Day Blitzers will be posted on that day.

Princess of the Light

Angela Schroeder, Author

Keely Brooke Keith

A Book Lover’s Retreat

July 2 – Princess of the Light – Guest Blog – “The Darkness of Alzheimer’s Can Never Steal The Light”

July 3 – Ink in the Book – Review

July 6 – Mary Beth Magee Writes – Review

July 8 – Emily Ungar, Middle Grade Author – Guest Post – “Where I Write”

July 9 – A Book Lover’s Retreat – Guest Post – “Alzheimer’s Took Mom’s Ability to Read”

July 12 – Writeous – Guest Post – “Will Christianese Sell?”

July 13 – The Purple Jacket – Review and Guest Post –  “Tributes to Those We Love”

July 14 – Ink in the Book – Interview

July 15 – Kathy Pooler – Amazon Review

July 17 – Kathy Pooler – Guest Post – “Five Principles I Learned In Writing My Memoir”

If you have read A Long and Winding Road and enjoyed it, please tell your friends. Also, please consider posting your own review on Amazon, Goodreads or any of the other distributors that allow feedback.



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Thank You for a Great Cover Reveal Day | by Linda Brendle

winding road Cover 25 percentYesterday, when the cover of my upcoming memoir was revealed, was the most exciting day I’ve experienced since putting fingers to keyboard with the intention of sharing my words with the world. Maybe I should correct myself and say it was the second most exciting day. The day Anaiah Press offered to publish my book was probably the most exciting. (more…)

The Part of the Story the Veterans Don’t Tell | by Linda Brendle

LTJG Brendle: David went into his second tour of active duty as an officer.

David spent ten years in the Navy, two tours of active duty and the rest in the Reserves. His experiences give him an instant kinship with other service men and women. It’s amazing how many hours can be spent sharing stories and memories. They complain about the rigors of basic training while congratulating themselves on having survived it. They talk about who was where during which campaign and how close they were to each other, and they brag about who got in the most trouble while on leave. Sometimes they even talk about their combat experiences. But there are some parts of the stories they don’t share.

David’s first tour was spent as a corpsman on the USS Enterprise (CVN-65), and he loved it. He loved being at sea and seeing exotic ports. He loved presiding over sick bay, learning to discern between the slackers and those who were really sick. He especially loved the time when he was allowed to drive the huge carrier for a little while. And then came January 14, 1969. Wikipedia describes it this way(more…)

Thank You…

We had our Thanksgiving lunch at the Senior Center today, and I’ve been giving a lot of thought to being thankful. Gratitude has been a popular subject on the Internet lately, from the hoopla over Tim Tebow’s public prayers of thanks for his God-given talents to Facebook challenges to post a status of gratitude each day in November. (more…)

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