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A Photo Update of My Garden | by Linda Brendle

Five weeks ago, I wrote about the garden I planted and showed you a picture. It was pretty sad looking.

My Charlie Brown garden 5 weeks ago.

It’s still no prize winner, but it’s making progress. (more…)

I Planted a Garden Today | by Linda Brendle

No, this isn’t my garden.

I planted a garden today. It’s not the garden I envisioned earlier in the year. Now that we’ve removed several trees, we have some perfect garden spots that get full sun, and David’s mom has a tiller she has offered to give us. In February I imagined a large area, tilled and mulched and fertilized, ready for several rows of squash and okra and beans, all those things that are so good for you but are so expensive in the grocery store. Then we began to make tentative plans to visit Florida for a month or so this summer, so I watched with envy as neighbors laid out their garden plots and tended the tiny green plants that stretched toward the warm Texas sun. But plans don’t always work out, and this week we realized that the trip to Florida isn’t going to happen, so when we went to Hooten’s yesterday to get some oil for the chain saw, I asked David a question.

“Is it too late to plant tomatoes?” (more…)

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