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Am I Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? | by Linda Brendle


Squirrel (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))

No, I’m not even smarter than the local squirrels.

Last year I wrote (and whined) a lot about the squirrels who were stealing my tomatoes. I had two little plants and was so proud when the little green fruit started to show up. But one by one, before any of them could get larger than a golf ball, they disappeared. After searching the internet and picking the brain of every experienced gardener I knew, I narrowed down the usual suspects to squirrels. I went to the local hardware/lumber/garden/everything store where the resident expert sold me some pellets that were supposed to repel all comers, but the tomatoes continued to disappear. (more…)

Preemptive Harvest Ends Garlic Wars | by Linda Brendle

Garlic Drying

Garlic Drying

I still have pests in my garden. In my last “Garlic Wars” post, I wrote about an unknown enemy who was making underground raids in my garden. I’ve had several people ask how it’s going, so here’s the latest. (more…)

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