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Who needs a garden? by Linda Brendle

Published in the Rains County Leader on June 20, 2017:

procrastinationTo say that I decided not to plant a garden this year wouldn’t really be accurate. What really happened was that I procrastinated. Taking it one day at a time, I told myself that I would begin the tilling, the preparation, and the planting tomorrow or next weekend. I told myself there was still plenty of time until now it’s almost time to begin thinking about a Fall garden. The amazing thing is, after all that dawdling, I’ve discovered that I don’t need a garden after all. (more…)

Garden Progress Report – Photos| by Linda Brendle

Last week, I wrote about some garden lessons, but I thought I’d show you a few more pictures of my progress.

After my tomato plants were ravaged by the local fauna, David and I put up some netting. It won’t stand up to a Texas tornado if one comes through, and we’ll have to put something over the top to keep the squirrels out when the tomatoes start to appear. For now, though, it will keep the rabbits out, and it will give the cucumbers something to climb on other than the zucchini plants. (more…)

Success Is a Two-Inch Tomato! | by Linda Brendle

My garden today.I’ve written several posts about my little garden in the past few months. (here, here and here) Gardens are not very exciting to those who’ve grown them all their lives, but they’re nothing short of miraculous to a city girl whose previous horticultural experiences consists of a window sill herb garden and a few pots of patio tomatoes. Every time I take a bag of frozen squash or okra from the freezer or open a jar of salsa or pickled okra, I think this isn’t the product of a giant faceless corporation. This is the result of hard work by Aunt Fay, Jerry, Dirk and even me. (more…)

Return on Investment: Plant the Seeds and Watch Them Grow | by Linda Brendle

Anaheim chili peppers

Anaheim chili peppers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I made a pot of green chili stew this afternoon using home grown Anaheim peppers. In May I planted a small garden:  2 tomato plants, 4 cayenne peppers and 4 Anaheim peppers. David laughed and said it looked a little scraggly. He was right, but the squirrels didn’t mind. They watched carefully, and every time a tomato got about the size of a ping pong ball, they carefully snatched it, leaving no broken leaves or incriminating paw prints. I don’t know how many I lost; I quit counting after 30. (more…)

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