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Observations from the sick bed | by Linda Brendle

Published in the Rains County Leader on February 6, 2018:

sick_coldTo be accurate, the title should read “Observations from the sick chair” because every time I lie down, I cough so much that no one in the house, human or animal, can sleep. I’ve spent most of the last several days and nights in a recliner trying to find the perfect angle of recline that allows me to rest without hacking up a vital organ. However, regardless of the state of my health, deadlines come around on a regular basis, so in this week’s column, I’m sharing a few things I’ve observed during my illness.

  1. One of the little known symptoms of the common cold is writer’s block. I may haveBlank notepad and pencil mentioned that when a blogger or columnist experiences a lack of creative inspiration, she often resorts to a list.


What to write about when you got nothin’ | by Linda Brendle

Published in the Rains County Leader on January 26, 2016:

Nothin'I can’t decide if this week was so uneventful that nothing unusual has happened or if so much has happened that I haven’t had time to contemplate the deeper meanings of any one event. Either way, when I sat down to write, the only thought that crossed my mind was I got nothin’.

I asked my Facebook friends for suggestions, but I guess they were all busy watching play-off games. Nobody responded, and I ended up with what I started with – nothin’. (more…)

Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Write | by Linda Brendle

David and I recently took our first trip since Mom died.  On the drive home from her funeral, I looked out the window at the passing scenery and wanted to go home, pack up the RV, and head out. Along with the sadness and loss, I felt the lifting of a burden, of a years-long task finally completed, and I wanted to live out that freedom on the open road. But it wasn’t a good time and may not be for a while. Finances are tight, and we have responsibilities around Emory that we can’t drop at a moment’s notice. But short jaunts are doable, and last week we drove to Louisiana to celebrate the Fourth with David’s family. (more…)

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