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by Linda Brendle

As a successful D.C. lawyer, Tatia’s mission in life is to destroy the sex trafficking trade in small-town America. She knows where to find it. She’s been there. Filled with tragedy, crime, redemption, and love, Tatia’s Tattoo is a story that exposes the sordid underbelly of small towns and shines a light of hope on how the evil might be defeated.

Status: Released by BookPros July 16, 2018. Available at Amazon | B&N



by Linda Brendle

Tatia and Jesse have a perfect life in Chicago. Her testimony put Eric in prison in Texas twenty years ago. How could anything go wrong? An old black van. A missing child. Tatia and Jesse race through the city streets with a band of bikers while Johnny and Jade dig through the dark web and Detectives Nelson and Martin pound on doors. Will it be enough? Or will their daughter become another statistic?

Status: Released July 30, 2019. Available at Amazon | B&N


A LONG AND WINDING ROAD: A Caregiver’s Tale of Life, Love, and Chaos

by Linda Brendle

This memoir is the story of the hilarity and chaos that happen when four people, two of whom have Alzheimer’s, spend seven weeks traveling through sixteen states in a forty-foot motor home. It is also the story of the lives and experiences that led these four people to this particular place and time in their lives.

Status: Released by Anaiah Press July 1, 2014. Available at Amazon


MOM’S LONG GOOD-BYE: A Caregiver’s Tale of Alzheimer’s, Grief, and Comfort

by Linda Brendle

After finishing Winding Road, many readers asked what happened next. Mom’s Long Goodbye is the rest of the story. Mom’s goodbye began with a red photo album and ended fifteen years later in a hospital bed in the Alzheimer’s wing of Southridge Village. This is her story and mine.

Status: Released by Anaiah Press March 12, 2019. Available at Amazon


SURVIVING THE BIBLE: A Devotional for the Church Year 2019

by Christian Piatt

A lot of us have tried to read the Bible. And we’ve failed. Christian Piatt has too. But now, using the annual lectionary as his guide, he has put together a devotional that allows us to read through major parts of the Old and New Testaments and finally understand them in plain English. Every week has several Scripture readings, explanations of confusing terms, a story, a deeper dive into interesting themes, and a closing prayer.

You can use it as a weekly study or browse a thematic list for something you’re curious about. It’s an ideal resource to use with a friend or small group, but it’s set up to be accessed by anyone who has enough curiosity, openness, and desire to grow.

Start anywhere. Set it down and come back to it. There’s no “wrong way” to use Surviving the Bible. Engage ancient texts in new ways that make sense, here and now, maybe for the first time. Any way you use it, it’s sure to challenge and inspire.

Status: Released by Fortress Press September 1, 2018. Available at Amazon


PregMANcy: A Dad, a Little Dude and a Due Date

by Christian Piatt

A humorous memoir on faith, pregnancy and parenting.

Status: Available on Amazon.com



By Christian Piatt, et al

Are there things about the Bible that you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask? In Banned Questions About the Bible, 16 contributors answer 50 questions about the Bible. Maybe on one of them is yours.

Status: Available on Amazon.com



By Christian Piatt, et al

More questions you were afraid to ask, this time about Jesus.

Status: Available on Amazon.com



By Christian Piatt, et al

And more questions you were afraid to ask, this time about Christians.

Status: Available on Amazon.com


You can contact Linda at LindaBrendle@yahoo.com.


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