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Daddy’s Legacy

Daddy was a simple man. I don’t mean that he wasn’t smart. Quite the opposite. He was valedictorian of his high school graduating class, and he was great at helping me with my homework. He could figure out how to fix or build anything. When he worked for the Post Office, he could quote the manual verbatim and knew (more…)

My Book

I’ve spent the last four year writing a book. I didn’t really intend to write it. It just kinda happened. In July of 2007, my husband David and I bought a motorhome, and after a few short outings, we decided to go for a longer trip. My 85-year-old parents, both of whom had dementia, were living with us at the time, so we took them with us. We set out in September on a seven-week adventure that provided plenty of writing material. (more…)

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