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Published in the Rains County Leader on October 16, 2018:

RingsIf your idea of romance is roses and chocolates, then you wouldn’t call my husband David a romantic guy. It’s true that, when we were dating, he showed up unexpectedly with a bouquet of Tyler roses just because, and he bought me a beautiful diamond ring when he asked me to marry him, but flowers and jewelry aren’t on his typical shopping list. He’s a romantic at heart, though, and he has his own special ways of expressing his love and letting me know that he’s thinking of me.

  1. Many of my friends whose husbands are bikers tell horror stories of their first rides together. The men seem to delight in driving like Evel Kneivel and seeing how badly they can scare their ladies. On our first ride together, I don’t think David ever pushed it past 50 miles per hour, and when we stopped at a light or stop sign, he’d check to be sure he wasn’t scaring me.
  2. Even when I have a real failure in the kitchen, he always eats whatever I put on his plate without comment. He just covers it up with black pepper and hot sauce!
  3. When we were both working and driving separate cars, he checked my tires almost every morning before I left for work.
  4. When I learned to ride my own bike, he always fueled my bike first; then, he’d wash both windshields. Of course, he checked those tires, too.
  5. As Mom and Dad required more of my attention, David was completely supportive, even when it meant moving them in with us. There are some who have read my caregiving memoir who claim he is an absolute angel.
  6. He has outdone himself in showing his love the last two months while I’ve been recovering from shoulder surgery. During the first week when I could barely move, he very patiently helped me deal with dressing, taking the sling off and on, and everyday movements we take for granted. He even removed the dressing and the pain pump that helped me get through the first three days. I’m sure his experience as a Navy Corpsman helped, but I’m also sure he wasn’t nearly as gentle with his shipmates as he was with me.
  7. He warmed the meals that were prepared for us by friends and church family, and he cleaned up the kitchen for weeks. He even went to the grocery store a time or two, and he really hates that.
  8. He has sat through every doctor’s appointment and every physical therapy session, especially if there’s coffee available. He also encourages me as I struggle with the at-home exercises without nagging.
  9. For five days he sat with me in my booth at the Rains County Fair, just in case I needed help with lifting something or with trying to make change one-handed.
  10. This past Sunday he acted as my roadie and sat through my book signing at the Rains County Library even though he had been sick with a cold for over a week. Of course, there was cake, but he knew I would have brought him some if he had gone home and left me to catch a ride with one of my readers.

contract_imageAs I said in the beginning, he’s not the kind of romantic man you’d find in a Harlequin novel, but he has a way about him. We’re coming up on nineteen years in March, and I just may have to renew his contract for another year.




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