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Just Dance

I love this quote I found on Pinterest yesterday. If an Alzheimer’s caregiver, or anyone, can learn to follow this advice, dancing would come much easier.

1. Denial manifests itself in lots of ways. With me, one of the most obvious was arguing with her. “Mom, you just asked me that five minutes ago. Don’t you remember–I told you at breakfast where we were going today.” Of course she didn’t remember. She was doing well to remember how to tie her shoes. Read the rest of this entry »

Kids asleep

When was the last time you rested like this? These children don’t worry–they leave that to the big people. They may sometimes whine for the latest toy, but they also find time to be thankful for the beauty of a dandelion or the wonder of an ant. Most of all, they don’t hesitate to come to Mom or Dad when they need something. The next time you have trouble sleeping, remember the Philippians 4:6 method–relax, be grateful, and pray.



winding road Cover 25 percentA LONG AND WINDING ROAD: A Caregiver’s Tale of Life, Love, and Chaos

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Today we’re happy to share Anaiah Press’s beautiful devotional cover reveal.


Aging Gracefully with the 23rd Psalm

by Dr. Sharon V. King


Release Date: January 27, 2015


Can we talk about getting older? With another Baby Boomer turning 60 every 7.5 seconds, the “age wave” has captured the attention of such diverse fields as financial planning, cosmetics, medicine, and—religion. How does aging affect our spirituality? Does it deepen our relationship with God, or have decades of life’s roller coaster rides left us “spiritually challenged?” Life after 50 can be particularly challenging for women because of the personal, social, and physical changes that naturally occur as we age. A rich spiritual life can help 50+ women gain perspective about their aging process and seek God’s guidance as they encounter the changes, challenges, and opportunities of later life.

Aging Gracefully with the 23rd Psalm applies some of the best-loved verses in scripture to a reflective study of ways women can grow in grace as they grow in years. The book format provides reflections on themes of aging found in each verse of Psalm 23, such as facing forks in the road; making fresh starts; resolving past conflicts; coping with social, personal, and physical changes; navigating through emotional transitions; processing loss and grief; and end-of-life planning. Illustrations of each theme follow, using biblical examples, vignettes from the author’s personal aging journey, a Takeaway Message from each psalm verse, suggestions for group discussion topics, and a journaling exercise to help the reader write a “Prayer Memo” to the Good Shepherd of the 23rd Psalm.

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Author Bio:

Sharon is a class of ’69 Baby Boomer, a native of Pennsylvania, and now resident of Georgia. The daughter of church musicians, she first worked as a music teacher and then turned her interests to writing about and working with older adults.A recently retired gerontology professor, Sharon now writes inspirational books and articles for 50+ women.SVK_60

Website: www.yearsfullofgrace.com

Twitter: @svk50plus

Write without waiting

In the 1970s, Bruce Jay Friedman wrote a play called Steambath. The basic plot is that God, in the guise of a Puerta Rican steambath attendant, brings people who have died to a kind of holding place in order to help them work through issues that were left unresolved on earth. In 1973, the play was produced for PBS, and Bill Bixby played one of the main characters named Tandy. At first, Tandy refuses to accept what has happened to him. Once he does, he lobbies to be allowed to return to his life in order to complete his many ambitions, one of which is to write a biography of Charlemagne. As the play progresses, it becomes obvious that said biography is nothing more than an idea that Tandy drags out at cocktail parties and after-life steambath gatherings.

How often have you heard — or said — “I’m going to write a novel as soon as…” If you have the desire, the compulsion, the need to write, don’t wait for a “fit time or place.” Just take pen in hand, or sit down at the keyboard, and write.



winding road Cover 25 percentA LONG AND WINDING ROAD: A Caregiver’s Tale of Life, Love, and Chaos

Available now at:

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Asking for help

Caregiving is a lonely job, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m not sure if it’s the pride of thinking no one can care for your loved one but you, or if it’s the guilt of feeling like you are shirking your duties if you take a break. Either way, too many caregivers try to shoulder the huge burden of caring all by themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

Isaiah 41 10

I was a Daddy’s girl, and as long as he was holding me, I felt safe. Later, when his arms were no longer strong, I learned to depend on the strength of my Heavenly Father. May He give you the strength you need today.



Linda Brendle:

Read the first chapter of Robert Springer’s “Bound by Blood,” and you’ll want to read the whole book when it’s released September 23!

Originally posted on Anaiah Press:


Available September 23, 2014

Chapter One

Rick Mercado stood in the doorway, his mouth dry with nerves. He forced an easy breath and settled his focus on the man behind the desk, searching his eyes.

The man rocked back in his chair and gave a satisfied smile. He was bald on top with on the sides. His hand swept the room, inviting inspection. “This is it,” he said.

Rick scanned the small office as directed: Cluttered desk, leather high-back chair, a window shaded with plastic louvers, everything a little dusty. “It’s very nice.”

The man puffed out his chest. “Oh, it’s not much, but it works.”

Rick’s lips twitched up toward a smile.

“I built this company on my own, you know. No silver spoon.”

“Yes, I know,” Rick said. Ben was a self-made man. He had mentioned this several times during the employment interview, which had been coffee at…

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